Welcome To Goodman Elementary

Our Mission Statement

Every child has the right to learn. At Goodman Elementary, every child can learn regardless of race, religion, or national origin. We share the responsibility of helping our students to develop their academic, social, and physical abilities to their maximum capacity in order that they may become responsible members of our diverse and changing society.

Our Goals

The faculty of Ralph Goodman Elementary believes their greatest goal is effective use of time and resources to maximize learning opportunities for all students.

Although teaching methods may vary, we share common goals of helping students develop skills to enhance their individual performance academically, socially, and physically.

At Goodman Elementary we believe the best way to assist children in becoming responsible members of society is to provide them with the tools to help them be successful now. At the same time, we encourage them to accept the responsibility for their continuing education.

The supreme reason for a school’s existence is instruction of the students and learning by the students. We feel the teacher is the most important agent in carrying out the educational process.

Our History

Ralph Goodman Elementary, which opened in 1964 as Hidden Valley Elementary, is located in northwest Houston. We serve Kindergarten through Fourth Grade children and offer many special programs to our students and community. These programs include : Title I, English as a Second Language, Bilingual, Gifted/Talented, and Accelerated, Special Education, Extended Day, Saturday Camps, Extended Year, flexible grouping tutorial programs, and an after school enrichment program funded by a 21st Century Grant. There are over 800 students attending Goodman Elementary. The ethnic breakdown is approximately 68% Hispanic, 26% African American, <3% Anglo, <3% Asian and <1% Indian.